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Your business, your insurance.

We understand running a business is hectic enough without having the stress of sorting your insurance. JSW can help to make sorting your insurance easier but also make sure you are buying the right insurance to meet your individual needs.

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Public and Employers' Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is crucial to businesses who have employees. No matter how small or large a business is; if an employee, client or member of the public injure themselves due to your businesses work, your business could be held accountable. For example, if a member of the public was to injure themselves on your business's uneven surface, they could make a claim against your business. Therefore, with Public Liability Insurance you could be covered for the cost of claims and legal fees.

Are you wondering if your business needs Public Liability Insurance? If your business requires people to come into your premises or for your employees to carry out work at somebody else's premises, YES - make sure they are insured for if an accident occurs.

Have you started a new business and wondering what Insurance you need?

Employers' Liability Insurance is compulsory for ANY type of business if you have employees working for you. You as the employer have a duty of care to provide for your employees to keep them safe e.g. by providing essential health and safety courses and servicing equipment. Employers' Liability Insurance covers the cost of compensating employees who are injured at work or become ill from work.

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Commercial Combined Policies

We understand when you are running your own business, you want to make sure you're protected for if something went wrong. Whether that is one morning coming into the office and the floor being flooded, or if an accident was to happen to one of your employees whilst working in the office. We want to help you and your business to be prepared for the unexpected.

Running a business is hard work and having more than one Insurance policy can make it even harder to organise your insurance needs.

Why not combine a number of important protections into one easy to manage policy, with just one single renewal date. Making sure that your business is properly safeguarded, without the extra headache of having to keep track of multiple separate policies.

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Business Vehicle Insurance

Business Vehicle Insurance could be what you have been looking for without realising.

If you travel between places for work purposes you should be insured for potential mishaps along the road. This cover could be for vehicles which are all traveling for work purposes. Employees using your company work vehicles could unfortunately be involved in road traffic accidents or cause accidental damage to other vehicles, make sure your employees drive with a peace of mind knowing they are insured if a claim was to be made.

If you have been struggling to juggle different pieces of paperwork for multiple business vehicles, you could have one policy so you only have one renewal date to remember, making life easier for you.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Nobody wants to make a mistake in the workplace, but it can happen on occasion due to simple human error. In the event that you do make a mistake, you could leave yourself open to being sued.

If your profession involves giving advice, passing on skills, or sharing your knowledge, either by working for yourself or for a company, then you should consider taking out a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy, sometimes known as PI insurance.

Professional Indemnity cover can offer protection to you and your business if a claim is made against you for negligent services. This policy can cover compensation and legal fees if this were to happen and provide peace of mind that you’re protected whilst out on a job.

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Shops, Offices and Restaurants Insurance

It does not matter if your business sells goods online or in store, it is a good idea to be covered if problems occur.

When selling goods online you could need multiple insurance policies for example, goods in transit, contents insurance, cover for cyber breaches and more. Insurance can help to keep your business moving if you were to have a cyber breach and could not sell goods on your online shop.

When owning an office, it is a legal requirement to have Employers Liability Insurance to protect and keep your employees safe. Your employees are using your office area and equipment, and accidents can happen. You want to be prepared for them if an employee was to take legal action.

Your staff could be exposed to possible risks when working with people in restaurants. When using kitchen equipment, things could go bad very quickly for example burns or fires. You want to ensure your business, staff and reputation are protected.

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Farming Insurance

We understand that your farm is your livelihood, and how important it is to keep it safe.

You might own a small or large farm, arable or pastoral, but don't know where to start when looking for Insurance. However, we have multiple policies which could cover your farm's individual needs. For instance, you may have employees or visitors coming and going off your premises and if an accident was to happen when using machinery etc, you could be held responsible.

Farm Insurance could also protect your business in the event of a flood, fire or even theft, which could interrupt everyday life on the farm and stop your business from being able to run efficiently. Some possible policies we could offer to your business are:

- Farmers Combined
- Agricultural Vehicles
- Diversification Trades
- Risk Management

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