At Bus & Coach Insurance we have a range of specialist insurance schemes for bus operators, whether it’s for public hire traditional use or for more bespoke private use such as exhibitions and road-shows.

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Bus Insurance

As a specialist bus insurance broker, we have long standing relationships with bus insurance underwriters so we’re confident we’ll help you find the right policy to meet your needs.

This includes single vehicle policies through to larger fleets. Bus fleet insurance policies can also incorporate coaches, so a combined bus and coach fleet insurance policy is a viable and cost effective solution.

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Coach Insurance

Having reasonably priced coach insurance is important in today’s economic climate. However, it’s vital not to compromise your level of cover should the unexpected arise. This includes your vehicle, employees and, of course, your passengers.

We provide policies that can cover your vehicles and the full range of liability policy options you’ll require as a PSV operator. We will liaise with our panel of specialist coach insurance underwriters to negotiate the best price on your behalf, and can obtain attractive introductory offers and no claims discounts.

Be assured that you’re in the hands of experts who understand your requirements and know the coach insurance market inside out. We can provide single vehicle to fleet policies, and can also include buses on the policy if you are a multi vehicle operator.

MiniBus Insurance

Due to their affordability and cheaper running costs, minibuses are the most popular vehicle in the general bus and coach market. These normally range from 9 to 17 seats, although larger vehicles can accommodate up to 22 seats. We can cover the whole spectrum of minibuses for private hire use.

We insure thousands of minibuses across the UK – and can offer you:

  • Good rates and introductory discounts
  • Up to 60% no claims bonus
  • Fleet policies for flexibility and easy administration
  • Liability Insurance
  • Territorial limits from British Isles to Continental Europe

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PSV Fleet Insurance

Of course, there are many PSV operators that run a fleet of both buses and coaches (and often minibuses too).

It makes perfect economic and administrative sense to insure your buses and coaches on one fleet policy – the vast majority of our bus and coach operators with 3+ vehicles do so.

The principle advantages of a PSV fleet policy are:

Ease of administration - Change drivers or vehicles as often as you like. You can opt for ‘any driver’ or ‘named driver’ policies.

One renewal date - A fleet policy means one renewal date, easing the administrative burden of several policies.

Better rates - Often, and dependent on your history, you’ll enjoy better rates on a fleet policy combined with more flexibility.

As mentioned above, a fleet policy can be a combination of vehicles – buses, coaches, minibuses – and in fact also encompass any smaller business vehicles (e.g. cars) should you wish.

Exhibition bus parked on country road showing people onboard the area

Exhibition Bus Insurance

Exhibition buses have increased in popularity in the last 5 years as an eye catching and effective form of marketing promotion. Obtaining insurance for exhibition buses a few years ago was quite a challenge, but we have worked hard with our panel of bus insurance underwriters and we now have several options available to us for exhibition bus insurance.

With our exhibition bus policies, you have the option of keeping the vehicle at one venue or going on a “road-show” tour across the UK. Most vehicles tend to be buses, but policies are available for coaches and minibuses too. Liability insurance is an option you should consider as an addition to your policy.

Exhibition Bus insurance policy benefits:

  • Good rates and introductory discounts
  • Up to 60% no claims bonus for long standing exhibition bus policies
  • Fleet policies if you have 3+ exhibition buses
  • Liability Insurance (public and/or employers’)
  • Delegated Schemes
  • Knowledgeable team for this unusual policy

Streamline your insurance

We can arrange multiple insurance policies to have a common renewal day - meaning you don't have to remember what is insured, and who it is insured with. Manage all your insurance with one easy renewal date, and one set of contact details!