How can Trade Credit Insurance Help you?

Recently you may have seen press reports about major insolvencies in the steel industry, construction and paper sectors. With the risk of customer failure significant in most sectors of the economy, short term risks are often difficult to quantify.

Next year could see particular challenges such as the prospect of rising interest rates. Predicting which customers will be able to withstand this, and other pressures, is problematic.

Trade Credit Insurance can help your business by:

  • Preventing the insolvency of customers having a severe impact on your cash flow
  • Protecting outstanding trade debtors – a significant proportion of your company assets
  • Providing security to a bank or funder for finance
  • Guiding you on the risk of existing and potential customers to assist profitable growth

If you have not had a full market review recently, you may be surprised how competitive current premiums are at the moment.

Without commitment and whether or not you have an existing policy, we can arrange for you to have specialist advice on this cover.

JSW have partnered with Credit Risk Management to provide credit insurance solutions to our clients.

For a free no obligation quotations please contact our friendly team so that we can discuss this further on 01782 566777. Or if you have any other questions about our policies or covers, don’t hesitate to call. We look forward to hearing from you soon.