Introducing our Financial Services Division


JSW Insurances’ sister company, County Financial Services who are also part of The County Group, specialist in a complete spectrum of products that help to protect the things that matter to you most.

Here we’ve outlined some of the policies that we feel may be of interest to you and what they do. If you’re existing client of JSW Insurance or any other brand within The County Group you will also be entitled to additional discounts as a reward for your loyalty.

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Share Protection Insurance

The UK currently has a £1.35 trillion business protection gap and the share protection element of that gap continues to grow.  Following on from a survey the majority of respondents thought that if one of the business owners died the remaining shareholders would buy the business yet business owners are still not putting share protection cover in place to enable this to happen.

This is how County Financial Services can help….

Share Protection Insurance – In the event of the death of one of the shareholders/partners a lump sum would become payable to help buy out the other partners percentage of the business.

Key Person Insurance/Business Protection 

If a key person within a firm becomes ill or dies this will have an impact on the finances of the company.  This could be for example a top salesperson, marketing person or someone with skills that perhaps could be difficult to replace.  This plan will pay out funds to protect the firm against the loss of this person be it due to death, serious illness or sickness.  This can also be used to protect business loans or finance so that the debt is not left the sole responsibility of the remaining shareholders/family.

Sickness Cover

This replaces a persons income in the event of them being unable to work due to sickness and the benefit is paid monthly.  This can be taken out on a group basis (by the employer for employees of a firm), protect a business loan/finance payments or individually.  Most self employed individuals will not have any form of sickness insurance – if they are sick they will only get paid £87.55 per week from the government and that is if they pass the stringent criteria that is in place in the event of a claim. Based on this they would need to live on this amount and also continue paying any business expenses to keep the business afloat until such time they returned to work.

Private Medical Insurance

Provides private hospital treatment so that in the event of an illness the person can get back to work sooner rather than later without having to join a long NHS waiting list.  In most cases they also get specialised medication that may not be available on the NHS due to cost.  This can be taken out on a group basis (ie: directors/owners/employers for employees), family or individually.

Group Life Insurance (death in service)

Taken out by an employer to protect employees in the event of death.  The payment is normally made to the family of the deceased and as discussed death does not need to have occurred whilst at work.

If you would like more information on this range of products then please click here to visit County Financial Services online or call  0800 210 0264.