Important News for Landlords

Important news for Landlords

In January 2016, the Government passed The Immigration Act 2014. This introduces a requirement on private landlords to make sure that they are completing checks of prospective tenants aged 18 and over before the start of any new tenancy.

This legislation is yet to be implemented in Wales.  Some types of housing are excused from this requirement which includes, but is not limited to; student accommodation, accommodation from or involving local authorities, hostels, refuges’ and social housing.

This requirement applies to all tenants whether or not they are named on the tenancy. This also applies if there is no written tenancy or tenancy agreement.

If a Landlord fails to comply with the new regulations, they can be fined up to £3,000. The checks must be completed in a non-discriminatory manner and in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. By failing to comply with the law, your landlord insurance policy may also become invalid. Please contact one of the LandlordSure team for more information.

The government has issued detailed guidance on the documents that landlords can accept as evidence of the right to rent. Click here to see a full list of what documents are accepted. As a landlord you are required to keep copies of these documents. If a tenant is unable to supply the right documents, the landlord must request verification of the right to rent from the Home Office.

Landlords are able to pass on this responsibility – right to rent to their agents provided that:

  • The agent is acting on behalf of the business
  • The landlord and agent have agreed in writing that the agent is to take responsibility for carrying out the right to rent checks on behalf of the landlord.

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