Get to know our team – Stephen Burns

1) What is your name, job title and location (branch)? Stephen Burns, Associate Director, Newcastle Under Lyme

2) How long have you been working in insurance for? 22 years – where has the time gone?!

3) What does your job entail? My main role is managing the Newcastle office and the team as well as also looking after my own clients.

4) How did you get in to insurance? Funnily enough, I actually flipped a coin between a management course for a supermarket or insurance! Insurance was the winner.

5) Favourite part of the job? I’d have to save my favourite part of the job would definitely be helping clients and my team.

6) What is it like being part of The County Group? I’ve worked for the group for 13 years now and been able to develop my career to where I am now whilst working hard and having fun – I cannot thank them enough.

7) Why should potential customers take out their insurance with you? We have the influence of a large national broker but treat our clients with the personal touch a local broker would give so the client gets the best of both worlds.

8) What are the particular insurance policies/ schemes that are competitive at your branch? We work hard to ensure all different types of insurance policies are competitive for our clients. Whatever your insurance needs and requirements are, we can help!

For more details on any of our commercial insurance policies, Stephen and the team will be more than happy to help! Give him a call on 01782 506777.