Fraud and how to spot it

One of our clients Mitten Clarke sent us this really interesting newsletter which we wanted to share with you!

“Unfortunately we have seen an increase in clients being subjected to fraudulent acts over the last few months.  Sadly these incidents have involved trustworthy employees, ranging from taking cash from the petty cash tin to paying both fictitious suppliers and employees.

There’s also been a few ‘identity thefts’, when bogus suppliers have written to clients purporting to be the genuine suppliers, supplying new bank details for future payments.

Quite apart from the loss of profit, clients have found the disciplinary process and police investigation both distressing and time consuming.

Whilst there is inevitably some element of risk in business, we thought it might be a good time for you to review your processes and controls, using our 10 step guide to help you get started”….

Fraud and how to spot it – 10 step guide

mirtten clarke