We can offer many different types of farm and agricultural insurance policies that can fit your business; the following features are a few examples of what products we can offer:

Agricultural Fleet

  • Combine, Cars, Vans, 4×4’s, Quads, Tractors, Plant, Implements & Attachments
  • Individual NCB rated
  • Young drivers often accommodated


Farm Combined

Farm combined insurance covers house/contents, outbuildings, land, liability, environment, livestock, machinery/plant, growing/stored crops, dead stock, feed and other farm consumables.

Livestock Insurance

If not already covered under a Farm Combined policy a stand-alone Livestock Policy can be sought. Livestock Insurance covers accidental death/injury to an animal whilst in Transit or at Auction.

Cover can be included for ancillary items to do with Livestock such as:

  • Cattle passports
  • Frozen bovine semen and the nitrous storage flasks
  • Liability and/or escape
  • Vets fee’s


Equine & Horsebox

Offering horse owner policies whether for businesses such as riding schools, events, show-jumping or for the Private Horse Owner (excluding racehorses) and DIY Livery.

  • Accidental death/injury including transit
  • Liability to third parties
  • Cover for vets fee’s
  • Mare’s “In Foal” and cover the foal (30 days old on wards)
  • Self-propelled horsebox vehicles including recovery of the vehicle and animal
  • Horsebox trailers


Note: any horse uninsured for less than 12 months must have a full BVA (British Veterinary Association) veterinary inspection certification.

Renewable Energies

Wind turbines, solar panels, biomass and anaerobic installation plants, hydroelectric plants


  • Material damage to the insured property
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown to the insured property
  • Business interruption following material damage to the insured property
  • Debris removal costs
  • Professional fees incurred in the investigation of repairs
  • Expediting costs for temporary or permanent repairs
  • Professional accountants fees incurred to support a business interruption claim
  • Newly acquired property as soon as insurable interest commences


JSW have competitive rates and access to a broad panel of very experienced underwriters. These policies are offered to meet the specific needs and requirements of almost any Farm and Agricultural business including diversified, non-standard risks.

For further information please contact our specialist insurance team on 01782 607 709.