Directors and Officers Insurance – why do I need it?

D&O claims are becoming increasingly common, and individual directors and officers are also at increasing risk of being held personally liable.

Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) insurance is a unique insurance product. This important cover should be obtained from an insurer that has significant directors’ and officers’ insurance experience that can address the complex legal and risk management issues.

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Why buy D&O Insurance?

JSW Insurance are one of the most experienced insurance brokerage and consulting firms in the UK.

We have the resources to access most of the world’s major D & O markets. We will provide you with thorough comparisons and ensure that the final terms and conditions are best suited for your situation.

Insurance Myth: It is unlikely that anyone will bring a claim against the directors and officers of small or medium size companies, so they do not need to worry about liability insurance.

Insurance Fact: The frequency of director and officer liability exposures, and the amount of damage awards are rapidly increasing, leaving no companies safe from claims. It is important to provide adequate cover to attract directors and officers to company boards. Likewise, when considering joining a board of directors, be sure the company’s policy covers claims against directors and officers.

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