Cyber Liability

It’s highly likely that you’ve heard about the Ashley Madison data breach in the news lately.

The Ashley Madison website was recently hacked resulting in clients’ details being stolen and exposed. The information that was stolen included: names, addresses, fantasies and credit card information from more than 39 million members.  The hackers’ intention for the illegally gained information was to release it for publicity, extortion and financial gain.

Surprisingly, the Ashley Madison website isn’t the biggest organisation to become a victim of hacking. Last year, hackers have also stolen 145 million records from Ebay, 76 million from JP Morgan and 56 million from Home Depot. However, because of the nature of the Ashley Madison website, the breach have been in the media headlines around the world for a number of weeks.

Following the hacking, a number of lawsuits started to come in against Ashley Madison. Two Canadian firms have filed a $578 million class-action suit against the company. Along with the first lawsuit, there is another one of $5 million from an anonymous female plaintiff.  She had claimed she paid $19 to Ashley Madison to run a “paid-delete” of her personal information which was unsuccessful.

As a result of these events, there has been an increased interest in Cyber Liability Insurance which helps cover the cost of claims like these. This is something which the team here at JSW Insurance can help with. Although, it’s essential to check the details of your policy you may be pleased to know that separate Cyber Liability Insurance isn’t always necessary. Your public liability, professional indemnity or business interruption policies may have elements of cyber cover.

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