Did you know?

  • 75% of SMEs have experienced a data loss in the last 12 months
  • 50% of data security breaches are caused by human error
  • £75K is the average cost to an SME following a data security breach
  • 25% of SMEs won’t survive a serious data security breach


What is Cyber Insurance?

In simple terms Cyber insurance covers the losses relating to damage to, or loss of information from, IT systems and networks and the option to include cover in respect of claims from any third party who has suffered a  financial loss

Why customers need help..

  • Incidence of cyber attacks is rising
  • An attack can be complex and time-consuming to deal with
  • The effect on a company and its brand can be disastrous
  • Regulations could mean heavy fines are imposed
  • Cyber attacks are the UK Governments stated 2nd biggest threat to the nation.  UK is taking the lead on uniformed standards within EU


JSW offer a simple cover offering in partnership with Lorega

Our partner offering with Lorega would provide:

  • Cover for the costs of an initial Cyber Emergency Response Team
  • 24/7 Incident Management Support Including:
  • Advice to ensure you comply with notification requirements under Data Security Law
  • Assistance with restoration of IT systems
  • Expert advice to defend a claim against you for liability arising out of a data breach
  • Expert PR advice and support
  • Cover for fines and penalties imposed following a regulatory investigation for failure to comply with data security law


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