Construction Industry News – February 2019

Don’t Become an Industry Statistic: Promoting Workplace Diversity

In the construction sector, it’s crucial to maintain a diverse workforce to ensure your organisation secures top talent, establishes strong communication skills, encourages different ways of thinking and promotes a positive working environment. Despite these benefits, however, the industry has developed a reputation as one that severely lacks workforce diversity. Indeed, recent research found that just 5 percent of the construction workforce consists of employees with an ethnic minority background.

Additionally, the number of women working in the industry makes up less than 15 per cent of the total workforce. Help your organisation promote diversity and reap the benefits with this guidance:

Look for leadership — It’s important to take a top-down approach to diversity. Ensure diverse talent are represented in senior positions.
Start young — Encourage the next generation of diverse employees to join your workforce by offering various opportunities for young workers, such as apprenticeships.
Be flexible — Organisations that offer flexible working hours are more likely to maintain a diverse skillset. Be sure your business values workplace contributions over hours worked.

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Recapping Health & Safety in 2018

As 2018 came to a close, the HSE revealed in their annual health and safety report that the construction industry ranks as one of the top sectors for workplace injuries and fatalities.

In fact, there were 38 fatal injuries to construction employees in the past year, which is four times the rate across all industries. Apart from worker deaths, the construction sector experienced nearly 58,000 work-related injuries last year—30 percent resulting in an absence greater than three days and 24 percent causing an absence of more than a week.

Such lax health and safety has real-world ramifications. Last year, HSE fines for the construction sector totalled about £19 million, averaging more than £98,000 per conviction. That’s an increase from 2016/2017 data, which saw £17 million in total fines and an average fine of £81,000.

With such startling statistics, it’s vital for your organisation to make health and safety a priority in 2019. For more guidance, visit the HSE website.

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