How can you make your business green?

Over the past few years, making your business more environmentally friendly has become a new way of life and has become increasingly popular. Therefore, if you are considering making some changes to your business environment, JSW Insurance are here to help give you all the tips that you need.

  1. Involve your employees – This is an essential factor and to ensure that you have a happy work place, make sure you include your employee’s opinions within these discussions as some may have conflicted ideas or possibly fresh and new ideas to help the business.
  2. Lights – do you leave the lights on in your building at night time when there is no one in? In order to cut your costs for these bills, why not try installing motion detectors. These are there to automatically switch off any lights in particular areas that are empty.
  3. Turn it off – At the end of the day before people leave, make sure that all of their electronic devices are switched off. This could include; computers and laptops, kitchen appliances and printers.
  4. Energy Evaluation – when you have some spare time, you could have look around your office to work out how you could reduce the area that the heating or air conditioning needs to circulate. A good way of doing this is by moving around the office, or you could purchase some draft excluders and keep the doors shut to minimise heating costs.
  5. Technology taking over – As technology is evolving every single day, there now is no need to travel to meetings. You could use a range of different software to have these meetings, such as web cameras, these allow you to hold virtual meetings. That means saving on transport costs, and cutting your carbon emissions.

We hope that this has been beneficial for you and that it has given you some ideas on how to become a greener company. If you would like any advice on personal or business insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us on; 01782 607 709.