BIBA investigating government CCTV fuel proposal

Insurance industry body the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), has confirmed that its motor committee will look into suggestions that the government could be planning to use petrol forecourt CCTV to prevent uninsured vehicles being filled with fuel, by checking insurance and tax details with the DVLA before drivers are able to re-fuel.

Insurance industry magazine Insurance Age spoke spoke with BIBA’s head of corporate affairs, Graeme Trudgill, who commented to them that the insurance practicalities would need to be fully thought throuh before such a policy would be able to be practically implimented.

“What happens when someone has only just got insured? There is normally seven days to get on the Motor Insurance Database (MID) and you could need petrol within that time,” he said.

“As a long term thing if certificates of insurance were phased out and the MID became the ultimate proof of insurance then perhaps this could work in the future. Right now there is a time period in which to update the MID.”

The obvious gap between obtaining insurance and the record appearing on the MID could impact motor fleet managers quite seriously.

For more on this, see the full article in Insurance Age here.