Year: 2020

COVID-19:Keeping Your Children Entertained

April 2nd, 2020

In these unprecedented times with the closure of the schools and a lot of us working from home we thought it might help to have a round-up of various websites and information that might give you and the children a break from things. Just as with home working, the advice is that you need to… Read more »

Directors and Officers Insurance – why do I need it?

March 12th, 2020

D&O claims are becoming increasingly common, and individual directors and officers are also at increasing risk of being held personally liable. Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) insurance is a unique insurance product. This important cover should be obtained from an insurer that has significant directors’ and officers’ insurance experience that can address the complex legal and… Read more »

The 4 most commonly under insured policies

February 25th, 2020

If your business is underinsured, your company’s assets are being valued and insured at less than their true worth, leaving you inadequately protected. Therefore, in the event of a disaster, you would be compensated for less than the true value of your loss. Any commercial policy can be underinsured, but insurance experts identified the following… Read more »

The most common phishing techniques

January 7th, 2020

Among the various forms of cyber attack, “phishing” is a scamming method that tricks users into supplying sensitive information that hackers can use to access important accounts or compromise data-repeatedly reigns as a top technique. In fact, recent research revealed that 45% of UK organisations have experienced a phishing attack in the past 2 years…. Read more »