Year: 2012

Compensation for Mesothelioma victims

August 6th, 2012

From April 2011 it became law that any insurer providing Employer’s Liability Insurance has to give The Employers’ Liability Tracing Office (ELTO) – an independent industry body comprising of members who are Employer’s Liability (EL) insurers – the Employer Reference Number for every company with an EL policy. This was a result of claims being virtually impossible to process due to illnesses such… Read more »

Martin Heath to help brokers sell insurance products via social media sites

August 6th, 2012

Martin Heath promoted one of his signings, Santigold, an American Grammy-award winning songwriter, producer, and pop singer using online blogs only.  Martin Heath’s philosophy for the insurance industry using this kind of media is that you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to get your message to a huge number of people. Not only will people ultimately be able… Read more »

Arsenal footballer given penalty for driving without Insurance

August 6th, 2012

We often hear how high profile personalities get away with reckless driving, apparently only  receiving a slap on the wrist. Not this time! 24 year old Arsenal footballer, Nicklas Bendtner has had to pay almost £5000 fine and 6 points, when he was caught driving his £40,000 Audi Q7 without a licence, insurance or proper number plates. Arsenal striker was… Read more »

Legionnaires’ Disease… an awful reality

July 30th, 2012

The terrible news of a Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak in Stoke on Trent serves as a reminder of the potential liabilities and business interruptions that can impact any organisation operating cooling towers, evaporative condensers, spa pools, hot and cold water systems and other purpose-built systems that involve use of water. What is Legionnaires’ disease? Legionnaires’ Disease… Read more »

Some facts about last month’s flooding…

July 24th, 2012

April 2012 was the wettest month for over 100 years June saw 145.3 mm across the UK meaning that it was the wettest since records began in 1910 Claims as a result of flooding will exceed the £40m mark which was the cost back in 2008 in Morepeth, Northumberland It now seems that annual floods are… Read more »

Insurers will have access to DVLA database

July 24th, 2012

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has agreed funding for a project designed to eradicate fraud in the motor insurance world. It will involve a system whereby the drivers will be asked for their driving licence number when applying for their insurance. At the moment insurers have to rely on utmost good faith from their clients who unfortunately may not always be… Read more »

Inflation has fallen due to the summer Flooding!!

July 24th, 2012

Silver lining and all… Apparently according to the Office for National Statistics the wettest June on record is likely to bring down the rate of inflation! Small shops affected by poor sales during this drenching are likely to reduce their prices to entice people back in to spend again. CPI is now at 2.4 per cent, which is… Read more »

Tips & Advice on Travel Insurance

June 25th, 2012

Below are some top tips and advice when arranging your insurance before you travel: Make sure you have disclosed all pre-existing conditions, that they are covered and that you are aware of any terms imposed. Keep your insurance details with you when you travel and make a note of emergency assistance numbers. Acquaint yourself with details of… Read more »

A Cautionary Tail… Part 2

June 25th, 2012

Insurance Fraud Insurance fraud may take many forms, from misrepresentation on the application to fictitious and inflated claims. Published figures for 2010* show : Insurers uncovered 133,000 fraudulent claims valued at £919m a 9% increase on 2009 Household insurance had 66,000 bogus or exaggerated claims detected Motor insurance detected frauds totaled 40,000 at a value of £466m… Read more »

Driving in the EU this Summer?

April 3rd, 2012

Some useful facts Many countries will require you to have ID for yourself & your vehicle, the following documents will help : Driving licence ( with paper counterpart if photo licence)  Passport Vehicle registration document (original )( Company car? Letter of authority to use the vehicle) Motor insurance certificate Will you have any children in… Read more »